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"I had a very positive experience being coached by Sarah. I had struggled with confidence issues resulting from some challenging relationships in the work place. Through Sarah’s guidance and thought provoking questioning she really helped me see situations and experiences through a fresh pair of eyes, enabling me to move past them and maintain focus on delivering a positive impact on the business. Sarah created a non judgemental, confidential and trustful environment, which fostered a very open and honest discussion."



"The coaching process provided an opportunity to talk to someone completely impartial, this allowed me to open up about issues within my professional and to an extent my personal life. Through these discussions, I was able to formulate mechanisms to help me address these issues and support my main focus - to increase my confidence. These tools I will take forward and continue to develop. I couldn't advocate this process enough."



The support I've seen from Sarah has been fantastic and has really helped me to achieve my personal goals. It's refreshing to have another peer listening to my problems whilst challenging me to reflect on a situation differently. This whole process has empowered me to change my fate and these sessions have been invaluable to develop myself as an individual. Thank you Sarah for the support you've given me so far and I hope is something I'm able to continue to take advantage of in the future.



"Sarah has been absolutely incredible.... I'm a person that always thought I was stuck in my ways and view. Sarah has helped me pick my mind apart so I can work out what I want to achieve and how I should go about it. These have been professional goals and I am well on my way. I am truly grateful for being given the opportunity to work with Sarah."


Personal growth

"I really feel like Sarah has been able to connect with me and help me explore what is important to me, taking my feelings into account without judgement. The sessions we've had have given me the strength to understand more about myself and how I can become more empowered as an individual to reach my potential."



I have found the coaching with Sarah extremely valuable and also rewarding, she has been very professional and makes you feel like she cares about you which I think is very important. Having an open and honest environment has also been valuable, even though you do not always reach an answer or conclusion to you goals or topics just talking about them has a benefit. In my view the just the talking part can itself can be the most diffcult and challenging (in a good way) part of the process.


Stress management

I hadn't met Sarah previously before finding out about the coaching sessions that she provides (in addition to her day job), but in our introduction I found her approachable and sincere. I was at a stage in my career where I was feeling a little lost as I had recently returned from maternity leave to a role that I wasn't enjoying. Sarah was great and helped me to pick apart the issues I was facing, pull out the goals that I needed to achieve and boost my confidence in the process. I only needed the two sessions to get me back on the right path and to help me focus on my next steps to achieve my own goals,  I would highly recommend Sarah, I felt comfortable to open up about the issues I was facing and she was great at helping me to consider my strengths in the workplace. Thanks very much Sarah, I feel that I now have the tools to continue on with my own goals.




"The coaching experience is something new to me and I was unsure of the difference between a mentor and a coach. Sarah has been able to define this with ease. The 4 sessions we have had, I really feel that she has been able to connect with me and help me explore what is important to me, taking my feelings into account without judgement. The sessions have given me strength to understand more about me and how I can become more empowered as an individual and reach my potential".



Be your own biggest project

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