About Koru

Koru Coaching was established by Sarah Partridge in 2019,  driven by the belief that given the right tools and environment - we can maximise our unique potential and create meaningful and lasting change in our lives. Sarah has a natural tendency to see the strengths in others and takes great pleasure in helping her clients see these strengths in themselves. After 20 years of working in the corporate world of marketing and strategy, she re-trained as a Coach and has continued on this trajectory of learning - acquiring additional skills in NLP and Stress Management along the way. 


My Story

After 3 years at Manchester University studying Social Psychology, my career started in 1998 - where an obsessive passion for music instigated the start of an exciting journey working as a marketing professional within the recorded music business. After 13 years of hard work (and fun) I finally landed my dream role as Marketing Director at EMI Music in 2011. Although it was what I'd been working towards for many years, I felt unsatisfied and lost. I finally had what I thought I wanted but didn't feel fulfilled.


This led to a confusing and difficult period of soul-searching, trying to ascertain where I'd gone wrong and what direction to move in next. Nearly a decade later, after much introspection and determination to re-educate myself , I finally arrived here, in a purpose-driven career I'm passionate about - where my work feels more aligned with my values. I now have the daily privilege of learning continuously about a topic I care deeply about  - people! After struggling for years to get clarity on the right career for myself, helping others gain awareness of their own values and strengths so they can move towards a more fulfilling career is something I find incredibly rewarding. On average we spend over one third of our time (or 90,000 hours over our lifetime) at work - it's important for our wellbeing that our daily work resonates with who we are as individuals. What is a perfect career for one person can make another person miserable. I'm making it my personal mission to support as many clients as possible to move towards a place of genuine connection in their work and as a result, an increased sense of wellbeing in their every day lives.

Sarah coaches mid-senior level executives at a large premium automotive organisation alongside private clients from her home. Sarah is also a proud Mother to two children aged 6 and 8 and lives with her Kiwi partner Jeremy in Chobham, Surrey. Sarah is available for coaching Private clients face-to-face, or via Skype/Zoom. She specialises in Career Coaching, Confidence Building and Stress Management.