About Koru

Koru Coaching was established by Sarah Partridge in 2018 - driven by a mission to help others become the best version of themselves. After 20 years of working in the corporate world of marketing and strategy, Sarah made the decision to follow her long-time passion for people development and re-train as a Coach. Sarah is driven by the belief that given the right tools and environment - everyone has the potential to create meaningful and lasting change in their lives. Sarah has a natural tendency to see the strengths in others and takes great pleasure from helping her clients see these strengths in themselves.

Sarah's career spans nearly two decades of working in entertainment marketing, beginning as a Marketing Assistant at Polygram Records in 1998 and eventually becoming Marketing Director at EMI Music in 2011. She also has experience as Chief Marketing Officer within a small music technology start-up and has run a marketing team within the Financial Services (insurance) sector.

Sarah is not a stranger to making tough decisions and has made some fairly significant changes in her life over the last 15 years in pursuit of a happier life. At age 30, whilst working in a good job in London and with a potential first property purchase in the pipeline, she made an incredibly tough decision to quit the 'rat-race' and spend some time travelling around Latin America in order to gain a deeper level of self-awareness and understanding about what direction she wanted to take her life. After an amazing 7 months spent in South and Central America Sarah ended up in Sydney, Australia where she met her now Partner Jeremy. Sarah and Jeremy had their daughter Eden in Sydney in 2011 and she was followed not long after by Ollie in 2013. Both Eden and Ollie keep Sarah happily busy when she's not coaching! When Ollie was only 1 year old, the family relocated back to the UK where they now live in Chobham, Surrey.

Currently, Sarah works within BMW Group Financial Services as Head of Sales Development, alongside her work as an Internal Coach. She regularly coaches mid-senior level executives within BMW Group UK alongside Private Clients from her home in Surrey.

Sarah is available for coaching Corporate or Private clients face-to-face, or via Skype. She specialises in Stress Management, Assertiveness and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.